Ashadu alla ilaaha ilallah wa ashadu anna muhammadarrasulullah

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby, "Peach" Don't Go....:)

Many Colors Allah's created for us. Colors told us that, life is just beautiful if you can feel it.
You can feel Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Black, or Grey.....
Everythiiiiiiiiiiingggg...... It's your choices :D

and now, i choose Peach for my bigbro's special daaaaaaaaay.. 
he had engaged now.... :( I'm sad but happy also :)
Life must go on. and one by one my bro and sis will meet with his/her soulmate.
and so do I. I just wish that Allah send my calon imam with great Imaan and taqwa,
can teach me and LOVING me because ALLAH :))

Simple Things......

I'm feeling so glad for now. finally comeback to my blog.
after a long looooooong times ago I'm very busy with my task. huhu :(

Although I'm very busy with my tasks, but sometimes I take my time just to go to the coffee shop, and relaxing my mind for a few hours. It's work!! just try...:D

most important things :P

i LOVE coffee!!!!!!

We must balance ourself.. if our bodies & minds wouldn't work for a better, you must refreshing it!! and I guess that wudlu and Sholat are the best medicine to heal it all :D

Allah is all we have, And Allah's place for us to back. :)