Ashadu alla ilaaha ilallah wa ashadu anna muhammadarrasulullah

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sisterhood xD

well!!!! finally after a long time I have no go out with my sisters, this day i met up with 'em.. we're going on one of the most popular mall in Semarang. yeah that's Paragon city mall..first stop. we spent our day coffee-in in starbucks. hahaha yeah you know what a girls doin if their met up. take a lot of photosssssss.. and this it is!!!!
with my cyuddyy sissy marsya..

 with amie :))

there's once again my sister nd i dont have her picture cause she won't to taking a picture with us. -____- . i think today my fashion style theme is HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE. hahaha same with a bavarage that I bought :p..
well. next destination.. we running out and stop in Soursally! yippiiii!! smells good you know :9

 we going mad HAHAHA
next, marsya want to pump it up!!! yeah games on happy time, nd i felt so stupid and oldiest cause i can't play this game perfectly than my sister, and you must know, they all are too young, amie at senior high school and masrya nd asti at junior highschool. okey!!! its not too bad -____-
when we're on the games place we can't taking a picture, so I can't shared the pictures for you . sorry :pp
Finally, our last destination is MAKAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! hahah just a short day but a long happiness that we got. and tomorrow i start to go back college again, fyuuuhh!!

today's present, so be grateful to Allah for all that you get done today.. because Allah the One that you have and Allah The Most Merciful.. barakallah!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


beauty Sundak beach!
sudah tanggal 25 dan TEKA'11 KOMUNIKASI UNDIP pun sudah usai,
senang rasanya.. akhirnya perjuangan satu tahun ini terbayar sudah dengan melihat kepuasan teman - teman semua..
teka yang diadain kemaren tggal 16 - 18 des di kopeng emang bener bener bkin bangga ank 2011
my name tag ! nindy as public relations 8D

narsism!!! before doin the activities xD

see the beautiful views at kopeng !!!!

before the games start

2011's groups cayooo X))

masih byk kegiatan yg seru disini. dan aku bangga bisa jadi bagian dr kluarga komunikasi UNDIP:) semoga hubungan ini bakal terus kebawa sampai nanti. kita kan kluarga.. lalalayeyeye ~

i hope you get your best my sister :)

this is my sisters and bother

and its time, my sister, tika ! now she's married, I don't know to be sad or happy that I certainly hope this is the best.she found her soul mate, and this photo my new family formation. taddaaaaaaaa!!! xD

with my brother's girlfriend, will be my sister soon

thankyou ALLAH for all that You gave to me, really proud of my family.. and i hope it will be last forever :)