Ashadu alla ilaaha ilallah wa ashadu anna muhammadarrasulullah

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Beautiful.. Because what?

Yes.. I think I'm so in love with these words "HOW GREAT MY GOD"
Allah created me so perfectly, I had eyes to see How Beautiful this world, see the smile of my parents, see the blue from the ocean..
I thank to Allah, gaves me two ear to hear How Amazing The Al-Qur'an, 
hear the waves of the sea, Hear the birds to sing..
I thank to Allah, bring me two hands to hold on, to eat and to do anything..
Yeah.. Allah is my everything cause Allah gaves me everything.. I love you my Allah.. :)

hahaha.. LOL! Cantik in Indonesian mean Beautiful.. do you agree? :D


Hello pals :) assalamualaikum..
Now, I want to share with you some photos that I made when I don't do anything at home..
So, I turned on my laptop then I surfing on Adobe Photoshop with much ideas on my mind, and this is the results :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Urban Jazz 2012 #SEMARANG

I'm so wondeeeeeeeeeerrr!! 
hhi even i think it's so lateeeeeeeeeeeeee to publish this post hhi
emm.. finally I can came and enjoyed this event,
although previously I had trouble to get tickets, but with the permission of Allah alhamdulillah I got the tickets, and even with difficulty, I'm waiting at the ticket box to ensure the ticket is completely discharged, but the queue was opened again. I got tickets for me and my friends :D and this some photos when the show
- Barry Likumahuwa ft. Andien Aisyah -

- Barry Likumahuwa (myfave) & Andien Aisyah -

- Bayurisa!!! oh actually, he's so handsome :D -

and, this one I want to show with you all! HAHAHA yeah.. finally I took some photos with Barry Likumahuwa, Veru Stunning :D

this is my outfit, simple rite?? hihihi..